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New York, NY, — The Art Museum Toilet Museum of Art, the world's largest collection of images of art museum toilets taken at various art museums around the world, is pleased to announce its special exhibition: Toilets of São Paulo Revealed. The exhibition focuses its attention on the thrones of three of Brazil’s finest art museums. The exhibition was curated by the directors at The Art Museum Toilet Museum of Art and showcases images of:

    * Museu de Arte Moderna (Modern Art Museum)
    * Museu de Arte São Paulo (Museum of Art Sao Paulo)
    * Museu de Artes Contemporânea (Museum of Contemporary Art)

These three prestigious museums offer a wide range of the facilities that can be found south of the equator. For example, Museu de Arte São Paulo is bathed in its world-class plumbing and offers comfort. Alternatively, Museu de Artes Contemporânea offers more modern facilities; which lack numerous stalls but do offer the visitor an option to shower. Finally, The Museu de Arte Moderna offers many similar small stalls for users to visit.

“Many people don’t realize that Brazil has such fine toilets, and these are just the tip of the iceberg,” explains Art Museum Toilet Museum of Art Director Schlemielle. “Visitors may be surprised to find these toilets flush counterclockwise and that they are expected to put waste in a basket near the toilet as Brazilians do not flush toilet paper. However, in every other way, these toilets are very similar to their northern hemisphere counterparts. These commodes are world class and we are honored to share them with everyone."

The exhibition can be viewed by clicking here. The exhibition includes multiple images of:

    * Restroom signs
    * Men's room
    * Women's room

"These bathrooms are unique and we invite citizens from all over the world to enjoy them. No longer shall you have to make the long trek to Brazil to these museums -- you can comfortably view these works of art in the comfort of your home," Schlemielle concluded.

About The Art Museum Toilet Museum of Art

The site currently houses exclusive images ranging from the prestigious marble lavatory at the Metropolitan Museum of New York, behind-closed-doors shots of the Hermitage's latrines and the decaying (yet still flushing) pictures of the Mongolian Art Museum's commodes. The Art Museum Toilet Museum of Art was officially founded in 2005 and since its inception; staff members have tirelessly been collecting images from around the world. Believed by experts to be the world's largest, it was built to showcase the forgotten art that can be found in every museum.

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The museum also accepts submissions of art museum toilets to be posted on its website, please send image to: Museum officials ask that each image be labeled with the name of the museum, date of photo and the name of the photographer. All will be posted if the image is selected.

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