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World-renowned Collection's Special Exhibition: The Gauguin Museum Exposed

New York, NY, — The Art Museum Toilet Museum of Art, the world's largest collection of images of art museum toilets taken at various art museums around the world, is proud to announce its special exhibition: The Gauguin Museum Exposed. The exhibition focuses its attention on the bowls of the Gauguin Museum located in Papeete, Tahiti. The exhibition showcases images of the outside of the permanent facilities (currently closed for renovation) and the temporary men's and women's facilities. The show is curated by the directors at The Art Museum Toilet Museum of Art.

Very few artists reach the status of icon and warrant their own museum. Gauguin is one such artist. As a post-impressionist he not only revolutionized art, he worked closely with many of the leading artists of his time to usher in a new age. Gauguin relocated to Tahiti twice in hopes of living his dream of an artist. Drawn by Tahiti's untouched culture, he spent many years studying, painting and sending back his work to Europe until his death.

What many art connoisseurs may not know about this particular museum is that the works on display there are unfortunately mostly poor reproductions with only a few exceptions.

“Most of Gauguin's work has been savagely grabbed up by the art elite and spread throughout the art intellectual world,” explains Art Museum Toilet Museum of Art Director Schlemielle. “They grace the halls private collectors, the Met, or Louvre -- so that the Gauguin Museum, which lacks funds or money, was unfortunately only left with the option of cutting pictures out of books. However, this little island obviously very desperately wanted to pay tribute to its cultural gem and went on to collect a fine collection of scraps, prints, or reproductions by local artists to hang on its decaying walls and pay tribute."

Ultimately, executives at the Art Museum Toilet Museum of Art feel as if this brings more importance to the toilets found there because that is the real art – not imitation, but fully functional -- and ultimately supporting members of the museum.

The exhibition can be viewed by clicking here . The Gauguin Museum does not have a schedule of when it will open the completed permanent facilities as the museum is in disrepair; currently the temporary facilities should be considered the permanent restrooms. The exhibition includes multiple images of:

"These bathrooms are unique and we invite citizens from all over the world to enjoy them. No longer shall you have to make the long trek across the world to this forgotten museum, you can see these works of art in the comfort of your home and then go to a museum to see Gauguin's actual paintings," Schlemielle concluded.

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The site currently houses exclusive images ranging from the prestigious marble lavatory at the Metropolitan Museum of New York, behind-closed-doors shots of the Hermitage's latrines and the decaying (yet still flushing) pictures of the Mongolian Art Museum's commodes. The Art Museum Toilet Museum of Art was officially founded in 2005 and since its inception, staff members have tirelessly been collecting images from around the world. Believed by experts to be the world's largest, it was built to showcase the forgotten art that can be found in every museum.

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